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Amsterdam Capital Week is a foundation led by purpose-driven innovation enthusiasts. On a mission to create a closer ecosystem that actively supports the growth of the founders and entrepreneurs shaping our future.

Building the house

We started with the mission to open up the investor landscape for startup founders in 2015. Since then 100+ events took place in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, with over 10,000 attendees.

From sailing to a deserted island with investors, to startups cycling to meet investors around the city - we always push the boundaries to spark meaningful connections.

Through the years


Pitch, Meet & Learn

25 events
1000+ attendees

Early-stage startups & investors


Startups & Angels

33 events
2500+ attendees

Startups, scale-ups, angels, VCs, corporates, capital experts & community builders

Angels in the spotlight


Going International

30 events
International Conference

CapitalFest with 60 Keynote Speakers

500 European investors

Top 500 CEOs


Giving Back

30 events
3000 attendees

Connecting all startup ecosystem players

Focus on highly-curated intimate events

Amsterdam Capital Week celebrates it's

by introducing Amsterdam Capital House

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Shahar Graf

Co Director

Simone Schoutens

Co Director

Anouk Bikkel

Founder & Advisor

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