Amsterdam Capital House, your home for growth.

23 - 25 September 2019

Weesperplein 4, Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Capital Week celebrates its

by introducing Amsterdam Capital House

Three days, creating space for meaningful connections with Capital.

Our House brings together all ecosystem players, to support the growth of future-shaping entrepreneurs.

Meet our partners:

Redefining Capital

It’s time to shift our perception. The success of an entrepreneur is, more than ever, measured by more than the amount of funding raised. It's about growing a sustainable and healthy business. Time to master the three pillars of Capital.






Your business is only as valuable as the people driving it. The time, talent and energy of your team is the force that brings your ideas to life. How do you build your dream team? What is company culture? How can you continually develop yourself?

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Financial capital is crucial to your success. Whether it’s the funding needed to get started, or finances to grow (or pay) your team - finances are always top of mind for entrepreneurs. How do you fundraise? Is VC the way to go? How do you scale internationally? What happens once the money is in?

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We consider this the house foundation; capital you build on. Your connections, community and values are key to building sustainable businesses and leveling up. Connect with allies of your vision. Together you can bring it to life and create a bigger impact.

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This year, we’re diving deeper into Capital. Each day you’ll put together your personal program. Leave the House with new perspectives and thrive in Human, Financial and Social Capital. The House is built for you to explore and grow - personally and professionally.

23 - 25 September 2019

Weesperplein 4, Amsterdam

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Welcome to our house

Each chamber of the house is co-created by our house members & neighbours from the startup ecosystem.

Opening our doors to 1500 entrepreneurs, creative minds, investors, community builders, corporate innovators, talent & more.

23 - 25 September 2019

Day 1

House Academy

Mastermind Sessions

Tap into the knowledge of our in-house experts with deep-learning programs. Learn what it takes to scale your business, master your mind, and grow professional skills.

Capital Tour by Night
Step outside the House

Founders and angel investors explore the Amsterdam bar scene for funding-focused speed dating sessions.

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Day 2

Meaningful Conversations

Living Room Talks

The house comes to life with living room talks. Co-create the discussion and connect with house members and in-house experts in an intimate setting.

Official House Party

Celebrate the 5th anniversary of Amsterdam Capital Week!
More info & tickets available in June.

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Day 3

Giving Back
Invitation Only

Open House Sessions

Exclusive sessions connecting founders with high level experts, mentors and decision makers. Hosted by the community in houses across the city.

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Full program & in-house experts to be announced soon!

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“Amsterdam's most anticipated funding event!”

Kajsa Ollongren

Former Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam

“Watch out: meaningful connections are being made here!"

Prince Constantijn van Oranje

Startup Envoy StartupDelta

“Finally we hear what is happening in the Netherlands”

Fatou Diagne

Co-founder Bootstrap Europe

“It is time to show the world that the Netherlands is hot."

Robert Jan Galema

Magaging Director INKEF Capital